• Invader Tom

    Invader Tom S1 E1

    July 10, 2016 by Invader Tom


    The Irken Armada was flying to Conventia to launch Phase 2. Every planet would atleast have 2 Irkens on it. Everyone was happy.

    Except for the person who got paired with Zim. Nobody wanted to. The Irken Armada had now arrived at Conventia. And so let Phase 2 commense.

    "Hello all of you Irken Invaders! Today we're here to launch Phase 2 of Operation Impending Doom II!" Said Almighty Tallest Purple.

    "Every planet will have 2 Irken Invaders on it! We will begin choosing who gets paired with who..." Said Almighty Tallest Red.

    Meanwhile, another, late Voot Cruiser was flying towards Conventia at rapid speeds.

    "You get paired with that Invader, and we have Invader Zim needing to be paired with someone..." Said Almighty Tallest P…

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  • MysteriousTriangleguy


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  • MysteriousTriangleguy


    January 22, 2014 by MysteriousTriangleguy

    This wiki is soon to get a makeover. The Irken empire wiki has decided to end their partnership .

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  • MysteriousTriangleguy

    For anyone who cannot see a person's profile icon in chat. I have found a solution. 

    You must clear your browser history(Including cache). Somehow it intereferes with the icon being loaded correctly.

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  • Invader Jib

    Copying pages

    October 22, 2013 by Invader Jib

    Seriously, you guys need to stop copying pages direclty from the Irken Empire wiki. What purpose do they have here? We don't want this to just become a carbon-copy of the Irken wiki. 

    What purpose does having you're characters here have? Aren't they fine on the Irken wiki? What made me the angryiest is when I saw that the Planet Irk page has also been copied. I mean, what the heck? Is this place just being used as a storage area for Irken empire pages? That page isn't even that good. 

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  • MysteriousTriangleguy

    Guys,please make some catergories too. I made some caterogories for universes and multiverses. I would appreciate it if you would edit them and add to them. Please,feel free to make more articles on your FCs too. It's kind of empty here.

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    Well, it's been a week since we started adding the first pages, and we are loosing momentum... We need more pages, more users, and overall, more bulk.

    If you have any ideas of ways we can make the Wiki better, please say so!

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    New Wiki!

    September 13, 2013 by INVADER VEX

    I'm excited to be a part of the creation of this Wiki, but there are some logistics I would like to discuss.

    I have made this picture for the title, but it is currently formatted as a .jpeg, and cannot be uploaded. If someone with the proper capabilities could change it to a .png, we could upload it properly.

    To properly organize our articles, we should start creating the correct categories. I have created one for characters already, but that will clearly not be enough.

    Thanks, if any other issues come up, feel free to comment on this post. Invader Vex

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