Station Square skyline

A city located in the United Federation,known as "Station Square"

Earth(MOBIUZ) is a location that Sonic the hedgehog takes place in. Sonic travels here from time to time,going on adventures. This version of Earth is also the original home world of the Mobians(AKA anthromorphs)

Sonic 4 ep 2 Earth


This version of Earth seems to be very similar to the normal Earth,but with different continents. The countries on this version of Earth seem to be different as well. 

Sonic's World, Shadow the Hedgehog

A map of Earth


  • United Federation 

UN(United Fedaration) flag

It is similar to the United


Spagonia's flag

States of America, with a republican government and a President who lives in the capital, Central City. It's military force is the Guardian Unit of Nations, or G.U.N., which has two known bases: Prison Island and the G.U.N. Fortress.

  • Apotos

This country is located on a peninsula on the same continent as Spagonia, It is famous for its ocean side view, big windmills, and its Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme and other deserts.


Holoska's flag


ChunNan's flaf



  • Spagonia

The world's art capital, located on the same continent as Apotos. This country is famous for it's clock towers, aqueducts, and cathedrals.

  • Mazuri

Mazuri is known for its reddish-brown soil, sandy citadels, desert expanses, and its large baobab trees. This place is similar to Africa.

Mazuri flag

Mazuri's flag


Shamar's flag

  • Holoska

The northern-most country at the North Pole, Holoska is gripped with extreme cold and covered in snow. The natives dress warmly for the harsh weather. The region features houses built out of ice, colonies of penguins, bobsled rides,and giant whales. This Country is known for it's delicious hot coco.

  • Chun-nan

This nation is similar to China. There are also brick structures that are identical to the Great Wall of China.

  • Shamar

Shamar has a sandy desert landscape with several rocky valleys and numerous ruins. This country has a celebration known the Hallowmoon Festival (also called Feast of Moon and Sun), a festival where the people of Shamar switch their daily life to nocturnal. The celebration is to honor the moon and the morning sun.

  • Adabat 

A tropical island nation,Adabat features Buddhist statues, stilt houses, and a thick jungle filled with high cliffs, waterfalls, and many ancient ruins.


Adabat's flag

  • Echidna nation

It's true name is unknown,this was the capital of the Knuckles's Tribe. Ruled by Pachacamac, it was destroyed by Chaos thousands of years before the events of the current timelibe and eventually became the Mystic Ruins while part of it lifted into the sky to become Angel Island.


This planet seems to have 7 continents.


This version of Earth seems to be inhabited by humans and some Mobians(AKA Anthromorphs).