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Engineer Jaz
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[show]==History Edit== As a young Irken, Jaz dreamed of becoming an Irken invader, and as such had became part of the Irken military, eventually reaching the soldier rank. Unfortunately, on her very first mission, the ship she was transported in had mysteriously crashed, Jaz surviving very injured. With such an injury, Jaz was forced to leave the military, and with such an experience, she was fine with doing so.

With only so many options, Jaz, still just as ambitious at this time, attempted to become an Irken scientist. Now extremely bored with the more biological side of the career, she turned her focus to the physical side of technology and became somewhat focused on it. Not long after, she decided to stick to the field of engineering entirely.

For a while she worked in Vass's lab, as a technician of sorts. Though said position didn't particularly work out because of a few...negative aspects, mostly Vass seeming continually more suspicious. What ultimately lead her to leave this position was the incident involving Tilex, which lead her to believe something similar would happen to her.


   ==AppearenceEdit== Jaz wears a purple, stripless uniform with triangular armplates, wears a square eyepiece made to scan objects, and has purple eyes.  

Personality Edit

Jaz, while usually very laidback, tends to be rather impolite and selfish in conversation. This is often more carelessness than mal-intent,  and she can still be helpful if she's inclined to be. 


Much earlier in her career, Jaz had formally worked for Irken scientist Vass; The scientist requiring an engineer at the time. However, after Tilex had recieved immense PAK damage as the result of one of Vass's experiments, Jaz feared what else could happen as the result of Vass's work, and promptly left the lab for good.


"Fine, Fine, do whatever you want with that time machine..but don't come cryin' to me when you mess up the space time..whatever it's called.."

"You're just jealous of..I dunno. Somethin'. 

"Hey, that wasn't my fault! It was..someone else's fault?

Facts of Doom Edit

  • Jaz has a tendency to forget random words, usaully when regarding technology or science.
  • Jaz marks most of the equipment she engineers with a magneta Irken symbol.


section under  construction-


Jaz and Vax are okay friends, though Jaz doesn't fully trust Vax.


Hates him for his flirtatious behavior which she does not understand, and thinks he is an annoying pest, to the point where she generally can't stand being around him. Notably, she thinks of the "Mary sue" irkens in general as something equivalent to trash. Categories:*Characters


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