The Fury dimension is a dimension full of horrible nightmares and horrible beasts. It is actually an entire dimension created by Lurk's imagination, and it is based on all his negativity towards himself. The entire dimensions consists of a giant rocky cave full of lava lakes and lava waterfalls that goes on forever. 


There is a theory that all fiction in the omniverse exists somewhere in another universe or dimension. This includes imagination. This dimension was created by Lurk's imgination and mind. 


The Fury dimension is one big giant cave that goes on forever. It is filled with lava lakes,lava waterfalls,deep dark caves,and it contains things from Lurk's memories and mind.(Ex:A destroyed Irken dropship,his destroyed base,LIR prototypes,etc)


All the omniverse's most horrible things inhabit this place,living or non living. There are unholy hideous horrifying monsters that live here. The most prolific beasts are:

  • Gryphyls:These flying creatures look like bipedial Earth moths. Their skin is constantly melting,this process if painful,however they have learned to "get used to it",and ignore the pain. They cannot speak because they have no mouths,so they speak telepathically. If one sends you a telepathic message it will most likely be a message begging you to kill them,and end their suffering. 
  • Grinkles:These creatures are bipedial creatures made of old caramel,they walk on two skinny candycane legs. They have skinny arms that end in one claw made of wood. They also have overbites with bucktooth teeth. They communicate in grunts and are usually very miserable.
  • Punnnius:Punnnius look like giant centipede snakes,they drill through the ground and eat and/or kill  anything they can find. They are made of pure anger and will attack anything they see,including their own kind.
  • Other beasts and monsters live here,including mutant Alemus and Brainsucking Grood bats.


  • Things from Lurk's memories and mind exist here.
  • Like the LSD dimension,it is a dimension,so it goes on forever and never repeats itself.

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