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Icecreamia is a pocket dimension,a pocket dimension,a pocket dimension is the result of two dimensions mixing together to form a new dimension inbetween them.

Icecreamia is an land of ice cream,it also fused 

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with a post apocalyptic world as well.

Icecream halfEdit

The Ice cream half of Ice creamia is happy and full 

of all kinds of sweets. The entire surface is made of ice cream.

Post Apocalyptic halfEdit

The Post apocalyptic half is a ruined city full of wrecked buildings and human skeletons. In the middle of it there's a discarded nuke. It is said that sprits of people who died from the war and devastation haunt the buildings. They torture anyone who dares trespass with horrifying warped images from their entertainment from the past civilization.

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Post Apocalyptic half

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