Ike green shy guy

Ike the shyguy is a friend and agent partner of Bob. He is known to be paranoid and cautious. He works for a secret agency that investigates paranormal happenings in the mushroom kingdom,most importantly Aliens.


Ike used to be a spiny similar to Torque.  He used to be a plumber,using his wrench to fix pipes. He one day found a rare Changer Shroom,and it turned him into a green shy guy. Delighted to have arms instead of a wrench, Ike went off to get a real job,and applied at a secret agency. He was then assigned to Bob the bo-bomb. During their first mission,Ike met a strange Toad named Harrison. Later on in the mission Harrison was mutated by the star statue in Creepy Steeple . After the mission,Ike,Bob,and Harrison were awarded for a fantastic job. 


Ike is known to be paranoid and cautious. He can also be very organized and prefers to "stick to the rules". An example of this is how Ike constantly refers to the agency handbook on missions. Despite his paranoia,Ike longs for adventure and just wants to make his friends proud. Ike will do anything to protect his friends. Usually if Ike fails he tends to overeact,and even go into depression. 


  • Bob- Ike's best friend. Ike cares very much for Bob and will help him at all costs. Ike sometimes is annoyied by his recklessness,but will still go along with him.