Invader Vax is an Irken Invader who was originally supposed to conquer Planet Meekrob, but his ship was destroyed by some moron in a giant robot (Zim).


Smeethood and trainingEdit

Vax was born hundreds of years before Irken Defective Zim. He was the smeethood friend of Invader Zak, who was his only friend back then. Over time, he met new friends, got more mature, and got further into training, being the best and most intelligent in it. After passing the final test, he went to the surface and became a soldier.

As a SoldierEdit

As a soldier, Vax became one of the greatest. He had a growth spurt which made him grow from 4ft9 to 5ft3. During his spare time, he expiremented and invented new weapons, making him well respected. Eventually, he was sent to Planet Devastis to take the Irken Elite test, which he passed and became an Irken Elite.

As an EliteEdit

As an Irken Elite, Vax fought through many great battles and wars. He fought in the Irken-Clorxian War and, after the war, was immedietly sent to Invader Class, which he passed and became an Invader.

As an InvaderEdit

As an Invader, Vax had now had a growth spurt wich made him go from 5ft3 to 5ft5. He was assigned to Planet Meekrob, but before he coulod get to his ship, it was destroyed by Zim. Vax later had a growth spurt which made him go from 5ft5 to 5ft9. He then bacame a scientist on Planet Vort.

Current timeEdit

As a scientist, Vax now studies many things and invents many things. His inventions are used everywhere in the Irken Empire, and he also studies PSI.