"I something's wrong.."-IroEdit

Iro is a brown bald cleft reincarnation of Ike and Flight.

History Edit

Not much is known about Iro,all that's known is that he's somehow a friend of Luigi and visits the mushroom castle often.


Iro seems to be often paranoid,but cheery at times. Especially when he's with Luigi.

Strangely,Iro seems to have nightmares and visions of the future. These visions cause him to have terrible headaches and paranoid episodes. He often has vauge memories of his other lives,Ike and Flight.

Iro also suffers from amnesia.


  • Luigi- A friend of Luigi,however,he doesn't know how or why he met in the first place. He feels safe with Luigi.


Iro can give enemies a powerful kick with his feet. Also,being a rock,he can smash onto enemies with incredible force,or headbut foes.

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