This a voice recording sent through Lurk's orbital AI over Robloxia.

Voice recording from an unspecified location. (Video Journal number 001Edit

"Hello,this is Lurk. LIR's Dimensional head portal thingy malfunctioned and *pant* sent us to an unspecified universe....there seems to be humans's very cold.....there seems to be some radiation here...and nuke evidence..I must've ended up in an "Apocalypse" version of Earth...or Robloxia....... It seems like there must be a nuclear winter going on here..."
Green Hill Zone Texture by reg44

What the dirt looks like

Video journal number 001Edit

*screwing noises* LIR has gone offline...he's severally damaged,we escaped the "Apocalyptic world" but we've seem to end up in a cave with strangely checkered dirt...and a strange old house...I've been using it as a temporary*metal clanking* base. My cruiser is also damaged,it could take months to fix. I've heard strange noises in this cave..I'm not sure if it was from the surface. The strange dirt here seems familiar......

I've also found some type of a gold ring in this cave,I'm starting to's not possible......I-I couldn't have ended up's IMPOSSIBLE. *cough*