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Lurk was an Irken that was born at the end of Irk's dark ages when a forgotten smeet tube fell out of a slot and crashed onto the floor (it is unknown how he received a PAK when all power was out). He was trained in a desert on Planet Robloxia, and in a shadowy dark forest(also on Robloxia) by Kill. His first near death experience was in the shadowy forest, Miz went insane. He was 4 Irk years at this time. He survived by hiding in a tree trunk while Kill distracted and fended her off. Kill almost died in this event. This was also the day he learned how to use his spider legs. Soon after,the Irken empire returned to Robloxia. Angry war threats came from the Alemus as soon as they discovered the Irkens had returned,this caused theAlemus wars. Lurk ws turned into a rookie soldier after the empire had returned. During the war,Lurk suffered permanant damage on his PAK,causing him to become mentally unstable and adefective. Since this event,Lurk has been known to be spazzy and uncorrerperative. After the Alemus wars,Lurk was deemed to "unexperinced" and sent to Robloxia to study the inhabitants. During his mission on Robloxia,he had created a base and met KILL again,this time he was a human. Kill was now known as "Mario".

While he was on Robloxia,Lurk had installed "universal cable" to a television screen in his base. When Lurk got bored,he'd watch Earth cable and whatever other cable he could find from across the Robloxian universe and the IZ universe. Lurk seemed to be very interested in Earth shows. He fell in love with a cartoon characted called "Fionna". At this time he had become a true defective. He hid his crush from other Irkens,and only shared it with Mario(Formerly KILL),LIR,and MIZ(through communication transmissions). Lurk grew more and more obsessed with "Fionna" and tried many attempts to make her "real" Many of his attempts failed horribly. Lurk became horribly obssessed with this fictional character and was driven to madness. He had murdered tons of Human and Robloxian females to create a "Fionna borg". A female hybrid created with the body parts of the girls he murdered. This horrible lab experiment was created to be the "perfect Fionna". LIR began to see that his master had gone mad,following the Irken-SIR Unit rule that if the SIR Unit's master is in no condition to continue the mission, the SIR can act upon free will,ran away from Lurk's base to join forces with "Dev". An enemy of Lurk,a stuborn leader of an old fashioned french empire who smuggled Irken tech. Mario and Lurk's other friends had discovered his horrible creation,they forced him to destroy it. Lurk,seeing that he had become a monster,destroyed the horrible abomination. After this,Lurk discovered that Dev eventually reprogrammed LIR to make sure he didn't disobey him. Lurk went after LIR to rescue him from Dev,he had sucessfully infltrated Dev's french empire as a slave and sabotaged one of his empire's cities. Lurk rescued LIR and reprogrammed him into his normal self. Lurk and LIR went back to their base and continued their mission. Soon,a control brain droid with the mind and memory of Jib was sent to his base to do an inspection. Lurk became very paranoid and stressful,fearing the drone would find out his obsession and deem him a defective. In a fit of rage and insanity from his obsession with "Fionna". He attacked and destroyed the drone. Camera recordings from the drone had revealed Lurk's obsession to the Tallest and the control brains. Lurk was then charged with the destruction of Irken property and his strange "obssession" Fearing he would be deactivated or severely punished. Lurk set his base to self destruct,took LIR with him,and flew on his Shrapnel cruiser to the stars. After this,Lurk had decided to hide his emotions as much as he could,fearing he would be ridiculed for his obsession.

Soon after,Lurk and LIR were traveling in deep space. Lurk did not know where to go and decided to go to another dimension using LIR'S LSD portal. The LSD portal malfunctioned and sent them to an alternate reality where Robloxia was an apocalyptic wasteland. Lurk's ship went missing,and had been sittil running when the LSD malfunctioned. Lurk and LIR temporarily allied some of the locals to survive in the wasteland and fight agaisnt mutants.  They eventually ditched the group of humans(and Robloxians) and went off on their own. They soon discovered an ancient interdimensional warpgate on a mysterious snowy moutain. LIR managed to use his parts of his LSD portal to repair the warpgate,they then went into the portal as soon as they could. Fearing that other groups of Robloxians and humans would follow them. They ended up on a strange planet called "Mobius". Concidentally,Lurk's ship had been teleported there too,in a cave. However,it was still running,and crashed into the cave floor. Damaging it. Lurk and LIR were then stranded on Mobius. Lurk and LIR discovered an old,abandonded house in the cave. They decided to make it a temporary base. Lurk managed to repair the LSD with old parts he had found in the area. The LSD was still glitchy and broken,however. Sometimes it didn't operate correctly and sent Lurk and LIR into the LSD at unwanted,random times. Also,sending them back at random times. Lurk then soon discovered that his former friend,Mario(Formerly KILL),had ended up on Mobius as well. Lurk was cautious of him at first,but then began to trust him. Mario helped Lurk add machinery to his new base. Although,the machinery they constructed was crudely made and less advanced then standard Irken technology. Lurk and LIR soon decided to rest and study the new planet they were on. Lurk never ventured too far from the cave,unknowing what creatures could inhabit this strange new world. Lurk and LIR hid in the cave since then. The LSD portal in LIR's head has been glitching,sending Lurk and LIR on perlious adventures in the Z-14 dimension and beyond.


Lurk's personality has changed. He tries to hide his feelings as much as he can, to not appear weak or defenseless. 

Lurk tries to be always prepared. He can be very stressful at times and will always try to be prepared for any possible situation. Lurk also will help others but only if it will benefit him or it is important. He also is very serious most of the time and has no reguard for silliness, thinking it as a "waste of time".

Lurk can also be very arrogant and somewhat stubborn at times.

Lurk also has a strange obsession with an Earth female fictional character named "Fionna". He watched Earth television when he was bored in his old base. Lurk developed a crush on this character to help him cope with his insanity. Lurk theorizes that this "Fionna" could exist in another dimension. Lurk does anything he can to find his "Fionna". Lurk is also shown to have some mental instability when thinking or worrying about wether he will find Fionna. An example of this is Lurk seeing haullcinations of Fionna or having dreams about her.

Lurk is also capable of being kind but usually only to LIR.

Mobius poster 001

Lurk in another dimension


  • LIR- LIR is Lurk's SIR unit. Lurk sees LIR as more of a brother then his SIR unit. Although sometimes he can tend to be commanding to LIR. Most of the time Lurk is kind to LIR and will care for him.
  • KILL- kill is lurk's best friend,he saved him from MIZ as a smeet,and also trained him. Lurk and KILL has shared their secrets. Their origins and personalities are very similar. The only time they fought was when KILL rebelled in the great alemus-irken war. They never really fought,they simply "poked fun" at each other. Kill is now a human,he used a race changer to run away from the empire and start a new life.
  • Ruk Ruk and Lurk used to be friends,they even liked each other,but their affection was shortly lived. Lurk killed himself and replaced himself with a new clone to avoid becoming defective and loving Ruk,Lurk immediately called her "soft" and a "defective",they now hate each other,Ruk has run away to the stars.
  • Sarks Sarks was an irken smeet that Lurk personally trained,Sarks,Sarks was very annoying and is a defective. His PAK was full of errors due to his vampire predecessor. The phrase "boom boom" brings shivers to Lurk,for it reminds him of Sarks using the phrase "boom boom" when he wanted to cause destruction,he usually accomplished this with an irken pulse cannon. He was punished many times due to his defective nature,he now has a grudge on lurk for all the punishments,and hated him. Once sarks grew older,he apologized,but soon after a few years Sarks used a race changer and turned himself into a human as well,he then ran away from the empire. Lurk hates him now.
  • Sprang- he was lurk's second best friend. He was a vampire,and became this way when a human scientist transformed him into one by tricking him. Sprang was killed when he crashed on Zendra 4 trying to pilot an irken transport vessel,he was transformed into an irken by the remnants to convert him into an his brain into a PAK and then into a smeet. 
  • Zim- ZIM and Lurk have never really interacted with each other. Lurk refers to him as a moron. A strange irken claims he's ZIM and had "fixed" his defective nature,and changed him name to Vax(it is possible that this irken is insane or a rouge zim clone) He met the REAL Zim after he found out about the Nightmare Irkens.
  • Invader Jib-Lurk hates Jib,because he is trying to give him up to the empire to be captured and possibly deactivated. He also thinks he is very stubborn.
  • Invader Vax-Lurk likes Vax,but thinks he can be annoying at times.
  • Menami-Lurk sees her as a good friend and cares about her.
  • Zik the Physic -Lurk sees him as annoying and foolish. Calling his actions as "Idiotic and a waste of time".
  • Invader Vex-Lurk is fascinated by Vex's technology. Although,Lurk doesn't remember most interaction he had with Vex.
  • Zeerk-He usually gets along with Zeerk,but sees his crush on Menami as "hopeless and meaningless". He also sees him as a "defective".


As a disguise Lurk uses a very advanced holographic disguise that has it's own natural "growing" hair. His disguise is mainly holographic with the exception of blue contact lenses. His disguise consists of brown spiky hair,peach skin,blue contact lenses,a nose,ears,a PAK backpack disguise,grey gloves,and his standard Irken boots. He also has a secret compartment in his backpack for carrying LIR and a strange red glowing crescent on the top of the backpack(unknown what that it used for). The backpack reveals the middle part of his PAK and most of the 2 bottom spots.

Lurk's disguise is activated by a small,thin robotic arm that cloaks Lurk with his disguise. It emerges from the small hole on Lurk's backpack.

Lurk also added a sleep mode to his disguise shortly after he got his new base on Robloxia,to appear "more human/robloxian" to the Robloxians. The sleep mode requires Lurk to sleep at night,similar to a human. Lurk requires aproimately 6 hours of sleep or he will feel sluggish and drowsy in his disguise mode.

Unfortunately due to his crash on mobius,Lurk's disguise has become slightly damaged. THe damage caused his disguise to lock,making him unable to deactivate it. Lurk has yet to repair it.


Because of a horrible incident in a cloning lab,thousands of clones of Lurk live throughout time and space. They're also oblivious to the fact that they're clones,and try to search for planet irk or any other familiar planets.

These are all the known clones,

  • Original Lurk The original Lurk went insane from the Alemus war and died when he set his first base to self destruct.
  • Clone 0.1,the first clone,this one was created after Lurk fell in love with Ruk,it is also a defective.
  • Clone 0.2 This clone was mutated into "the Element king" it was destroyed and replaced with a beamed one from space.
  • Clone 0.3(A.K.A the current Lurk) This clone is emotionally unstable and carries the same traits as the original Lurk,he is wanted and has abandoned Irk,this is the last clone that could be created,the others are lost in space. This clone only has most of Lurk's memories.
  • Clone 0.31/2 After being in Invader Vex's space station,reading Earth comics,Irken officers eventually found him. He is now on trial for Clone 0.3's crimes and is going to be sent to Foodcourtia. This clone,like the ones in space,are unaware of the stuff that's happened. This Lurk has no idea about how the original Lurk is wanted.
  • Clone 0.4 This clone met clone 0.31/2 over Vex's space station,clone 0.31/2 crulely teleported him to planet Kyrosos 4. It is unknown if he is still alive.

The Power of the ElementsEdit

Lurk accidentally mutated himself working on a Dark energy core, and gained the powers of the elements. His skin turned grey and he grew sharp teeth. He lost these powers

when he imploded from being unable to stabilize his powers and emotions. Another clone was beamed from space, oblivious to the fact that he died. This however, was the last clone he could beam to the base, due to the fact that the base was damaged from the original Lurk's "elemental rampage"

Abandonment Edit

Lurk has left Robloxia,because he had gone into a fit of rage and attacked a mobile control brain droid and destroyed it.

He set his base to self destruct,causing the dark energy core in his base to implode,killing anything around it. The force of the explosion caused  his emergency "Settle Lander" cruiser hidden in his base,to ricochet into the air and crash into the hill near his base. His base is now in ruins. Lurk is now on Planet Mobius. 


Lurk(out of his disguise) is a 4 feet 20 inched Irken with pink eyes(similar to Zim's eyecolor in the Pilot),long antennae tips,standard irken striped shirt,boots,and gloves.


"Blah Blah Religion,one being,Dusq,big deal!"

"LIR,stop stuffing your face with peanut butter,you're getting it all over my control console!"

"You're waisting valuable time."

"This planet looks very familar,especically the checkerd dirt."


"Nothing will stand in my way! Irken or enemy!"

"Robloxia WILL BURN."

"Adventure time comics? Keep those away,I don't want to talk about it..."

"Silence Jib!"

Horrible facts of Doom.Edit

  • It is hinted that lurk is the glitch incarnation of Almighty Tallest Green and


  • If Lurk were to be animated, his voice would be similar to ZIM's orginal voice actor in the pilot.
  • Lurk has a similar design of ZIM
  • It is hinted that Lurk could have escaped to another dimension.
  • Only a few Lurk clones were non defective,the "original" Lurk is a defective.
  • The number of Clones Lurk has is 7,000,000,023,most of them are still roaming the Robloxian universe and some other universes.
  • It is stated that Lurk hasn't been on Robloxia in 20 Earth/Robloxian years.
  • Lurk has longer antennae "tips" then most Irkens,they go half as long as his head.
  • It is hinted that Lurk has met "familiar characters,including a fast blue hedgehog".
  • Lurk can no longer blend in as well with the Robloxians,because he hasn't been on the planet in 20 Earth/Robloxian years.
  • Lurk's spazzy,annoying,fun loving spirit was most likely crushed by the recent events that happened.
  • Lurk is currently 40 Irk years old(400 in Earth years).
  • Lurk has traveled to other dimensions before,such as Green hill Zone or a genderbent version of the normal universe. Lurk has had many clones so it is possible Lurk doesn't remember traveling to these places.
  • In the "Genderbent universe" logically, Jib is conquering Finn's earth, so if Genderbent Jib exists, then Fionna exists in that dimension. Lurk has never thought of traveling there or is unaware that he traveled to a genderbent dimension.
  • Lurk sometimes have flashbacks from the Alemus way,causing him to attack anything he sees,fearing it is the Alemus. These flashbacks are triggered depending on the situation Lurk is in,usually high stress ones. These "flashback attacks" only last a few mintutes though.
  • Lurk trained for 10 years during his smeethood on Robloxia,after this the empire returned to restart the Robloxia invasion. Robloxia's time is slower then the time in the normal universe,so it's been 30 Robloxian years,making Lurk 40 irken years old.
  • The surrounding area that Lurk's cave is located is actually Green hill zone.
  • Lurk has yet to see any Mobians or inhabitants of Mobius of any kind. Lurk has only seen flora in green hill zone,and preforms experiments on them regularly.
  • Unknown to the Irkens,Lurk is the first Irken to have entered another Multiverse.
  • Lurk is seen as insane to the Irkens. Infact,if he were to be finally arrested by the Irken empire,we would quickly be sent to the looney bin.
  • Lurk's PAK is permnantly damaged,making him defective. This means Lurk would most likely be deactivated.

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