Mobians are the inhabitants of the planet Mobius. They consist mainly of anthropomorphic animals. Like humans, they have five fingers and toes.


Mobians are the result of accelerated evolution caused by the Chaos emeralds. The first race of Mobians were the Echidnas,most of the Echidnas are now dead. Millons of years ago,before true Humans appeared. Strange emeralds rained from space onto Earth. Thousands of emeralds rained onto Earth,these emeralds caused animals to mutate and undergo rapid evolution. These mutations produced strange creatures, including the Echidna race and birds known as "Flickys".


Soon after,the emeralds came together on an island known as "Angel island" and fused together to form 7 chaos emeralds and the Master emerald. The first to become sentient were the Echidnas,they became a war like race that managed to domniate the planet. They eventually split into two clans,one technoigically advanced and one primitive. The two clans bickered with each other and eventually started a war. The primitive clan(The Knuckles clan),desperate to destroy the technogically advanced clan(The Nocturnus),tried to take the emeralds for themselves. They planned to use the power of the emeralds to destroy the Nocturnus clan. Unfortunately,their attempt to use the power of the emeralds,angered Chaos,the guardian of the chaos emeralds. Chaos used the chaos emeralds to transform into a giant monster of mass destruction. This monster was known as "perfect choas". Perfect Chaos slaughtered the knuckles tribe. However,before Chaos could destroy the rest of the world,he was sealed in the master emerald by an Echidna known as "Tikal". Tikal was a survivor from chaos's destruction. Tikal's conciousness was also sealed within the master emerald. Chaos' and Tikal's interferance caused the emeralds to become more powerful then ever before. The increased power caused the emeralds to create a strange temporal anomaly. This anomaly caused an alternate timeline to be created,and fused with our world. This timeline was home to an alternate Earth,known as Mobius. Certain parts of Earth and Mobius overlapped each other,making it seem like Earth had become a bigger planet. However,most of Mobius was still in it's own reality. The chaos emeralds,master emerald,angel island,and most of the Chaos emerald affected lifeforms were moved to Mobius. Being the home of the emeralds,Angel Island was the most affected and soon floated upwards in to the sky.  Meanwhile,the last of the Echidna population became the guardians of the master emerald. The known last of their lineage was Knuckles. After many eons,the affected lifeforms from Earth evolved into more races of mobians. The mobians soon created technology and their own civilizations. They often made contact with humans,the two races eventually got along with one another. Although,most of the mobians preferred to stay on Mobius.


Mobians appear to respect nature,creating cities and villages,while protecting the environment.

Their culture seems to be very similar to cultures on Earth,except more environmentally friendly.


Mobians seem to use coins and "rings" for currency.

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