Omniversal collaspe is what happens when the Omniverse begins to collaspe.  

The very frabric of time and space begins to rip slowly,creating "holes" or portals and vortexs. 


Omniversal collaspes have only happened twice. One happening because of an event on Mushroom Earth,this one didn't last very long.

The second is still happening,it was created by an accident on a planet called "Mobius".


If the Omniversal collaspe is not fixed,more and more portals will open, until other universes and dimensions start to crash into each other or fuse. Soon time itself will start to distort,and finally all of reality will collaspe. It is unknown what will happen beyond this point because Omniversal collaspe has never fully collasped. Portals can last for a few mintutes or several years,depending on how stable they are.


Omniversal collaspe can result from experiments with other dimensions or universes with incredibly powerful technology or magic. 

Involvement with DusqEdit

It is said that once Dusq gains true power,all of reality will collaspe much faster. It is also said that Dusq will destroy and devour every reality except for Nightmare Irk,allowing the Nightmare irkens to rule all of what's left of reality.


Omniversal collaspe can be prevented or stopped,however,it requires incredibly advanced and powerful technology or incredibly powerful magic. It also requires tons of energy,depending on how long the collaspe has been going on.