"One of the most boring planets in the Omniverse, besides Earth of course."-Escadian

Planet EarthiusEdit

Planet Earthius is similar to the results of Earth and Mobius being combined. Unlike Mobius,it is more urban and Earth like. This planet is ruled by anthromorphic hedgehogs that live in a civilization similar to the Human's civilization. There also seems to be sentient Minks,porcupines,echidnas,and groundhogs that inhabit this planet.

It is also the homeworld of Nylus the hedgehog
Earthius 002

Map of Earthius


Planet Earthius is divided into 5 continents.' North Amerius,South Amerius,Asiania,Geogra,Europa
Earthius 003

Polar map of Earthius

,and Articzone

It is very similar to Earth,it has cities,deserts,forests,and plains. It also has two icy south and north poles. Some of the land on Earthius has checkered dirt and grass,similar to Mobius. This planet is ruled by hedgehogs,Minks,porcupines,echidnas,and groundhogs


Earthius orbits the star called Xol,an Earthius day is equal to an Earth day. It is located in the Ring way galaxy of the "M5" universe.


Earthius's technology seems to be close to Earth level technology,only slightly more advanced. Similar to ZIM's Earth. Some examples of this are anti gravity television screens,advanced labs,advances in medicene and spacecraft,and computers with touch screens and voice recognition.

Facts n stuffEdit

  • Planet Earthius is the combination of Earth and Mobius.
  • M5 is the name of the universe it is located in.
  • The Artiiczone continent is shaped like Doctor Robotnik's head.
  • The continents on Earthius are similar to Earth's continents.
  • Earthius has one moon.

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