Planet Kyrosos 4 is home to all of the omniverse's most dangerous,deadliest,horrible beasts.


Planet Kyrosos 4


A large inter universal zoo company was going to turn Planet Kyrosos 4 into the "omniverse's biggest zoo",but a horrible accident caused by some idiot caused all the creatures to be free. They slaughtered the weak "cute" animals and everyone in the company. Ironically,a shipment of purple toxic waste on a toxic waste removal ship was also there while the choas was going on,the toxic waste was released all over the planet by the rampaging creatures,most of them became mutated. 


Kyrosos 4 used to be a beautiful jungle world,but the purple toxic waste that was released mutated the foilage and the fauna,creating strange and dangerous plant life. 

The planet is now a horrible wasteland full of terrifying creatures and plants.

The atmosphere on planet Kyrosos 4 is light green.


Planet Kyrosos 4 is located in the normal universe,but it is across the universe,far far far away from the Irken empire or anything familar. It is located in the pink spiral galaxy of Eruo-667,in the solar system of Kyrosos 676.


Planet Kyrosos has 3 unnamed moons.

Facts of man eating beastinessEdit

  • It is fortunate that Necromorphs do not inhabit this planet,although there may be some species 10x worse then that.
  • The Irken empire is unaware of existence,due to it's far distance from Irk and the observable universe.
  • If the fastest Irken ship(A spittle runner) was used,it would take exactly 2 years to get there.
  • Not only are there beasts there,but there are also rouge zoo maintenance bots as well.
  • This Planet is considered the Planet of Hell.
  • This planet is located in Dimension Z-14. Home to the current Irken empire.

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