Green fuzzy

Krackoo,without his crown. (Credit to the Paper Mario wiki)

The Boogon are a race of aliens from planet Boogon.

They were once a peaceful race,but they are now forced by their tyrannical new leader to conquer and pillage worlds. The boogon look nearly identical to Fuzzys . The only diffierence being that Boogons are more technogically superior and can make high pitched,wailing screams when afraid. 


The boogons were a happy,peaceful race. They were experinced with magic and technology and were determined to make the universe a better place. Until one day,a Boogon named Krackoo decided to ruin that. He stole a magical spell recipe book and caused chaos in a small town. However,he was soon arrested and put into a high security prison. This didn't stop Krackoo,he eventually broke out of his cell and snuk into the prison's weapons room. Once there,Krackoo took all the magic related items in the room and casted spells onto himself. THese spells gave him super strength and lazer vision. 

He quickly decimated the prison center and set off for the planet's leaders. Using his powers,he killed the planet's leaders and made himself king.

Invasion of EarthEdit

Many years later,Krackoo had set his sights on Earth for his next target. He had his scientists prepare an army of genetically engineered Boogon soldiers. These soldiers had the ability to transform into powerful squid like creatures. Along the way, Krackoo had his forces create an army of flying saucer ships. 

Unfortunately,a lone Boogon managed to escape to Earth and warn many heroes of Krackoo's dastardly deed. Unable to contact Mario and Luigi while they were rescuing Peach,the heroes were Flight ,Bob ,and Toad. The heoric trio managed to take down Krackoo's forces. Krackoo,desperate to destroy them,casted the most powerful magic spells he could find,on himself. Krackoo then transformed into a horrible squid monster. The three heros managed to destroy him,after a long battle. The Boogons were no longer ruled by their tyrannical king,and finally reached peace.


The Boogons are a peaceful race and are determined to solve heavy problems. They seem to be too merciful of bad deeds and evil,one of the reasons Krackoo took over.


  • The average lifespan of a Boogon is 1,000 years.

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