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The imperialistic, warlike Irken race is an insectoid species native to the planet Irk and are feared throughout the universe for their goal of entire domination over everything by counquest which the Irkens are likely to succeed in due to the military superioriority which has expanded the Irken Empire over many worlds. The Irkens latest military campaign, Operation Impending Doom 2, has been a great success with the counquering of Planet Blorch, the Conveyer Belt Planet, and Planet Vort, and the enslavement of the super intelligent Vortian race. The Irken Armada will keep the Empire expanding over many more planets marked for counquest to come.

The whole Irken mindset is fully focused on total domination of the universe as Irkens feel an urge-like need to counquer other worlds. This urge could actually all come from the Irken PAK. If not the Irkens themselves not acting out of free will to think for themselves, but at the same time this could not be the case considering that Zim is a defective with a damaged PAK and still feels a mighty need to counquer Earth.

The Irkens have a height based society which the Tallest living Irken rules over as the Almighty Tallest. But on rare occasions there is two Tallests who are exactly the same height such as the case for the current Tallests, Tallests Red and Purple. Tall Irkens are respected and get high-ranking jobs while short Irkens get low paying jobs.

Irkens are born in cloning tubes in facilities known as the smeeteries deep under Irk's surface and can speak and walk when born due to them given the whole of Irken knowledge which is transfered after their PAK is installed moments before after they are greeted with a voice recording which says Welcome to life, Irken child. Report for duty.

The PAK is the key to an Irkens knowledge and has an Irken's rank and career on it and can be changed by the Control Brains to a different rank or job. Also the PAKs take note of an Irken's success and high scores. The PAKs are equipped with robotic spider legs for combat. An Irken can't live without their PAK for more than ten minutes. Irkens do not have a biological need for PAKs, rather they perish after exactly ten minutes because without their PAKs, Control Brains cannot control them.