"Of all the things that Santembosss held, one was the worst of them all..." -Xisenin


'The It' is the name given to what used to be Nightmare Xisenin.

History Edit

Xisenin had banished The It to the Santemension. Recently, he has escaped it and is plotting his revenge.

Appearance Edit

The It wears a slightly shabby army uniform and has non-reflective eyes. He is a near twin in appearance to Xisenin. His most noticeable feature is his constant smile and unblinking eyes.

Enhancements Edit

In replacement of the standard segmented PAK legs, The It has many extending, metallic, and wormlike legs which can stick to any surface. They are used partially for intimidation, but they allow him to traverse nearly any terrain effortlessly.

Personality Edit

The It completely lacks respect for anyone but Nightmare Irkens. He will not hesitate to ransom people without letting the target know, as well as many other dark things. In other words, he will kill who we wants to die when he can, and gives others no warning for it. He never laughs or gives the enemy a choice. He's never happy when he succeeds or sad when he fails. He just gets up and leaves. But, he does smile. All the time. He's incredibly persistent and will do nothing but what he came there to do. He mostly talks to his counterpart. He is incredibly smart and resourceful. His favorite weapon is fear, which he is a master of.

Trivia Edit

  • The It's lack of happiness when he wins confuses many people.
  • While in the Santemension , The It took samples of the local zombie virus and modified it to create armies of his own. As such, he has many types of zombies.

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