"It's a map of all the things I've seen; where to find them, what I know about them, what they look like, all sorts of stuff. I could even track this rock!"- Xisenin

The Thing Map is an artifact of unknown origin that Xisenin owns.  It's appearance and workings are much like that of the Marauder's Map from the popular book series Harry Potter. 

Abilities Edit

The Thing Map is very versatile, it can show places, locations of things, practically anything limited to what he's SEEN and remembered about it, not his present memory itself. Like the Marauder's Map, The Thing Map can track invisible people/objects as long as he's already seen them at least once. He can also add notes about certain things.


  • If Xisenin or anyone else  tells/makes the Thing Map track itself, it will start to spazz, electrocute stuff, and stop working until he touches it with every type of cheese. For this reason, Xisenin rarely lets anyone else use it or touch it.
  • The Thing Map seems to have it's own mind, as it can talk to Xisenin and others in the same way as Santemboss, and, if placed near Santemboss, the two will 'talk' to each other. 
  • The Thing Map is somehow capable of knowing who's not supposed to read or use it, and will instead either refuse to do anything, zap the person holding it, or insult it's holder. 

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