Wishworld Jib is an alter-dimensional version of Jib from Dimension Z-27. A few minutes after Wishworld Vex's rebellion, Wishworld Jib fell into the mutating goo, making his skin grey, causing him to look much like a Nightmare Irken.  A dimensional paradox caused by the by the collosal insect sent him to the Nightmare Dimension. The Nightmare Irkens took him to be one of them, and he was trained like any Nightmare Irken. 

Wishworld Jib was hated by the nightmare Irkens for being much kinder than them. The constant hate caused Wishworld Jib to flee Nightmare Irk. He then found an abandon research station on Planet Levirtaz, and lived there for several years. Using an old, dusty book from the planet, he discovered the Zertian crystal, and travelled to Horrible Planet of Doom to find it. He managed to find the crystal, but was sealed in it's power. It was not until 10 Irk years later that his counterpart accidently freed him. 

Personality Edit

Wishworld Jib is completley different from his counterpart, and is even quite mean. The destruction of his homeworld has more or less caused him to go insane. 

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