Z-2000 is an alternate universe where Lurk conquered all of Irk and the entire universe. He is known as "King Nark"

He has converted all of the universe's architecture into his own,creating strange buildings inspired by a character from an Earth TV show named "Fionna". King Nark is obssessed with "Fionna". Unlike the Z-14 universe,Lurk never attacked the control brain or escaped to Mobius. 

Major eventsEdit

This Alternate reality used to be just like Dimension Z-14. Until one day Lurk finally snapped from his love with "Fionna" and decided to conquer all of Irk and bring the entire universe down with him. He used all of his best technology to hack the control brains. He then threatened to set them to self destruct,destroying all of Irk and terminating all PAKs(including ones hat belong to irkens) on Irk. Irk surrendered to Lurk. Lurk then set the almighty tallest's PAKs to self destruct,killing them. Lurk then crowned himself King of Irk. He called himself "King Nark".

King Nark then had the irken worlds reconstructed to fit his bidding. He called Irk "Planet FI" in honor of "Fionna". 

Shortly after,King Nark forced the Vortians to create robotic death machines capable of conquering entire planets. He sent these robots all across the universe. Once they conquer a planet to assemble more robots to conquer more planets. These unstoppable robots are also capable of regenerating in a matter of hours.

King Nark then ruled the universe,all Irkens were forced to do his bidding. He became a powerful tyrannical king.

King Nark's ruleEdit

Nark Vex

Alternate Vex, one of Nark's engineers.

Under King Nark's rule,the entire universe learned to fear him. King Nark used a silhouette of "Fionna"'s head as a symbol of his power. These symbols are found on his robots,ships,machinery,and flags.

Contact with Z-14Edit

King Nark had his personal inventors create a mirror of other dimensions and universes. He refers to it as "TV".

King Nark uses it to watch other universes when he's bored. 

Due to King Nark's stupidity,he eventually thought it was an actual "TV" and forgot that it was a mirror of other worlds. Soon,King Nark found Z-14 and his guards informed him that it was a mirror of another universe. He ordered his guards and inventors to create a new portal so he could start an invasion on Z-14.

Trivia of horribleness.Edit

  • Ironically,Lurk may end up like King Nark someday.
  • King Nark is known to have violent spazz attacks when he's angry. King Nark is also insane.
  • The ENTIRE universe isn't conquered due to it being infinete,so the indestructible robots keep conquering the next planet after next.
  • King Nark rules up to 256+ galaxies and up.
  • Vex is an engineer for Nark in this dimension.
  • Vax is a Xenomorph/Irken hybrid in this dimension.
  • LIR is a service droid/guard in this dimension.
  • Almost everyone from Z-14's counterparts were killed by Nark in this dimension.
  • It's been 53(530 years in human time) irken years since Nark conquered Irk and the universe.