Dimension Z-27, AKA "Jib's world" is a counterpart of Dimension Z-14. The key difference in this dimension is that, the Nightmare Dimension doesn't exist. Without the influence of the Nightmare dimension, the Irkens are peaceful, rather than expansionist. 

Wishworld Irk Edit

Wisworld Irk is extremely different than Dimension-14's Irk. Due to the lack of planetary conquest and war, the demand for new and improved technology is much lower. As a result, Wishworld Irk is much less advanced the Dimension 14's Irk.

Notable Irkens Edit

Due to the lack of "expansionist" ethic, the "Cruel, careless" attitude that Dimension-14's Irkens have is nearly nonexistent.  Due to certain events such as the Robloxia Invasion not existing in this dimension, some Irkens don't even exist in it. 

Invader Jib Edit

In the Wishworld, Jib is a scientist. Due to him never spending 2 earth years on Minecraftia, he lacks the normal Jib's friendly personality, and is actaully quite mean. He doesn't usaully care for others, as he's so dedicated to his lab. Wishworld Jib fought against Vex in a last-ditch effort to save his dimension, but at this point being just about evenly matched, Jib's mech overheated and exploded, fatally injuring Jib.

Invader Vex   Edit

WW Vex
In this dimension, Vex is leader of a rebellion consisting of mostly Irken scientists.  Due to the this Irk's low technology, the injury the gave Vex his scar was untreatable, causing him to go insane. In the rebellion's final offensive, a missile invented by Vex, and filled with a toxic green goo like chemical was launched at Irk, mutating its inhabitants. Vex was eventually mutated by this goo, and had to battle Jib for control over the planet. After they nearly destroyed themselves in the fight, Vex was freed from the bonds of his insanity, and eventually sacrificed himself to save Irk.

Invader Vax Edit

Wishworld Vax is a bug monster thing. He was originally just an Irken scientist, but went insane while studying the strange green slime that can mutate life forms, when it exploded all over him, turning him into a ginormous centipede with the face of an Irken. Wishworld Vex later freed him from this body, but it took a form of it's own and created the Colossal Insect. After Vex destroyed the Colossal Insect's mind, killing himself in the process, Wishworld Vax met his fate when he sacrificed himself to erase the Colossal Insect from existence.

History Edit

Dimension Z-27 was actaully created when normal Jib wished that the Nightmare Dimension never existed. It was an alternate timeline at first, but split into it's own universe when Wishworld Jib died. Since Wishworld Jib was technically the real Jib, the link between the two worlds was broken.

Though Wishworld Irk was once somewhat of a utopia, it is now desolate and barren. Most of the Irkens on the planet have either died or become mutants. This was caused by Wishworld Vex, whose rebellion launched a nuke of green, mutating slime.