Z-6020 is the universe where Zathar was born. In this universe,the Alemus war was won,and the Alemus were enslaved. Also,in this universe,Lurk's PAK was never damaged,thus he never went insane or loved Fionna. Although,Lurk's personality has still changed,making him as cold and harsh as he is in Z-14. Jib also seems to tolerate Lurk in this dimension. Another differeance is that Lurk choose to go to Robloxia and make a base,and not by force by the Control Brains. Lurk's base was also never destroyed.


Z-2060 is located 60 universes away from Z-6000.

Differences with Z-14Edit

  • The Alemus war was won by the Irkens.
  • The Alemus were enslaved.
  • Lurk never went insane.
  • Lurk never made clones.
  • Lurk and Menami haven't seen each other since The Irk-o-pocalypse.
  • Lurk's base was never destroyed.
  • Zathar was born here.
  • Jib actually tolerates Lurk.
  • Lurk isn't a defective.
  • The LSD never broke.
  • Lurk never went to Mobius.
  • The ROBLOX invasion is still going on.